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You Are Not Your Thoughts

Hosted by Jeanne Heileman

3 - 5 May 2024

Earth Yoga, Mallorca, Spain

Price: 35 Euro per session or 90 Euro for all 3 sessions*

* 21% IVA added if paying by bank transfer / credit card

  • The Gunas are defined as qualities of Nature. They are attributes describing movements of themind which ripple into what we see, experience, and do. When we feel anger, instead of identifying with it, we learn to notice the energetics that create anger. Instead of being depleted with our sadness we catch the qualities that lead to this emotion, which prevents the sadness from overtaking us. This is the key to surfing the energies instead of drowning in them.


    You are invited to join Jeanne Heileman for a three Master Classes filled with asana, Pranayama and Meditation designed as a tour through the Gunas. Any uncomfortable moments will be met with tools to manage your energy. When you can manage your energy, you can manage your mind. When you can manage your mind, you are a master in your life, free from limitation. This is the goal of yoga.

    Friday 3 May

    Tamas Depth and Hip Openers - 18.30 - 20.30

    Tamas is the energy of stability and stillness. We will move through a flowing sequence that focuses on opening the hips in all directions and roots you into the earth. Stress and tension will release and you will leave the class sweetly soothed.

    Saturday 4 May

    Radiance of Fire with Rajas - 10.30 - 12.30

    Rajas is the energy of action, quick movement and change. Fire is the element that propels us into action, and it originates in the Third Chakra of the body, the torso. We will play with core strengthening that soothes you into grounding twists to stabilize the inner heat. Your radiance will glow all day long.

    Sunday 5 May

    Opening the Heart to Sattwa - 10.30 - 12.30

    Sattwa is the energy of balance and equanimity, ease and flow. Through a delightful sequence you will be guided towards backbends that gradually open from the depth of your heart. As the lungs fill with fresh oxygen and the heart fills with Prana, a sweet ease will fill you for the rest of the day.


    MA, 500-ERYT, Founder of Tantra Flow Yoga™, ParaYoga Certified Level II for 8 years, senior guest teacher for many teacher trainings. Jeanne brings over 38 years of yoga practice and over 28 years of teaching experience weaving clean asana alignment, Ayurveda, meditation, with the added focus of the energetics in the practice. A former classically trained actor, she uses humor and theatrics to keep the students interested. Trained in yoga therapeutics and many aspects of Tantra, she specializes in discovering the needs of individuals and gently guides each to their own grace and balance.