Who Will be teaching me?


  • Brent - I entered this life long before smart phones & facebook on the west coast of Canada. After lots of education & world experience, I found myself on a yoga mat. My first classes were with an Iyengar teacher in a community recreation centre.


    After a gap of many years, I began classes again with a hatha yoga teacher in a little studio in East Vancouver. It wasn't until 3 years later while living in New York that I began to rediscover a more authentic being in the patterns that had repeated themselves over & over since childhood. I rediscovered my love of visual expression and began to paint again in earnest. I returned to Vancouver and almost immediately began practicing everyday.


    I took Baron Baptiste's 40 day challenge and responded well to the physical and mental demands of the practice. My first teacher training was 100hr with Eion Finn, the awesome blissologist. My full 200hr teacher training was with Chris Chavez when he was still teaching the Anusara method. Since then, I have been teaching & evolving more or less full time.


    I moved to Mallorca in 2011 and teach public and private classes. I teach from direct experience with respect to my many great teachers and of course, the lessons of life.