Who Will be teaching me?


  • Jaja - Jaja has taught at Earth yoga since 2010, after taking 5 beautiful years exclusively mothering her two sons. Her passion for transformation into motherhood transitioned into her career, studying to become a holistic mentor & doula for families, soaking up all the knowledge that she could and studying with some of the best in the field.


    Throughout the years she became renowned for her loving, calming and grounding energy, and is highly respected by her community.


    Jaja´s prenatal yoga classes provide a space for you to share with other pregnant women to establish a place of peace and tranquillity before your baby is born, increasing your body’s capacity to relax and let go.


    The practice prepares you to take an active part in the birth process, in a gentle yet powerful way, helping you to cultivate resilience, flexibility and strength.


    After the arrival of your baby, you can smoothly transition into the Mama & baby yoga classes, where you share with your tribe precious moments of motherhood as well as nourish your physical body through mindful yoga practice, as you discover your own strength and intuition as a new mother.


    These classes give you back the space you need to take care of yourself, feel your body and nourish your soul, strengthen and stretch your new body and realign your centre and pelvic area. It is also a great space to feel part of a community and share ideas on conscious parenting.


    You can find more details about Jaja’s passionate support for families on her website: Yayamaa.com