Who Will be teaching me?


  • Anna - Anna is passionate about sharing the power of yoga with anyone who wants to learn. Yoga changed her life when aged 24, she was diagnosed with ADHD. Refusing doctors’ advice to take medication and see a psychologist for two years, she instead embarked on a new way of living through yoga.


    Throughout the years she became renowned for her loving, calming and grounding energy, and is highly respected by her community.


    In 2010, she completed her first training and certification with Rainbow Yoga for Kids. Later that year she travelled to Rishikesh, India to immerse herself for three months of training in Hatha Yoga Satyananda. Living in ashrams for an authentic experience, she embraced the science and philosophy behind yoga.


    She began to learn yoga in Madrid under the guidance of Isabel Word, Ramiro Calle and Swami Digambarananda Saraswati (Danilo Hernández), where she learned about Hatha Yoga Satyananda.


    The following years saw Anna spend time in Madrid teaching yoga to children at Yoga Anandamaya Centre and the Azahara Health and Beauty Centre, as well as two years spent travelling in India and absorbing more knowledge of yoga.


    During her travels in India Anna spent six months teaching yoga and arts and crafts in Goa at the Prema Children’s Art Hostel. She also assisted in classes for children with disabilities. To deepen her training and experience further, Anna studied Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at the Vijay International Yoga Centre in Goa.


    In 2016, she gained the 200 hours TTC, Hatha Yoga Shivananda qualification, in Malaga, Spain. In 2018, she completed the 300 hours TTC, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga qualification in Mysore, India.


    Throughout her yoga journey, Anna as assisted at multiple yoga retreats, as well as remaining a student and open to continued learning. She believes that yoga can enrich everyone’s lives, bringing transformative loving awareness to daily life.


    Anna teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.


    “I deeply believe that yoga is a healing practice, it has changed my life, so I believe it can transform your life too.”


    Kirsty Tuxford - “Anna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes. I love the Yin Yoga practice because it is so calming and great for deep stretching on a physical level, as well as grounding on an emotional level. Anna is always on hand to help students adapt poses to their own bodies.”