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  • Jeanne - A kundalini yoga class is a dynamic combination designed to balance mind and body, elevate consciousness and to achieve optimal well being.


    Kundalini yoga combines asanas with pranayama with mudras, mantras and body locks to create a unique and powerful experience for integrating body mind and spirit while strengthening the nervous system and glandular system to initiate the raising of the kundalini energy and to see clearly the beauty of one´s own soul. Kundalini refers to the awakening of the spiral energy or kundalini found coiled in the base of the spine and leads to an elevated experience and to an expanded state of consciousness.


    "When the spiral rises to penetrate through all the chakras, man knows he is Brahm - that´s why they say kundalini is dangerous. It´s dangerous because it takes away from man the ability to be exploited by another man. ″ Yogi Bhajan, July 20,1996


    It is not required to have previous yoga experience nor a lean and flexible body to begin a yoga practice and to experience benefits in the very first class. The only requirement for practicing Kundalini yoga is the desire to achieve consciousness in every moment. There are no words to express the peace, the joy and the love which comes from yoga practice, it must be experienced. Each and every person who uplifts their thoughts and words is contributing to a world based on peace, love and equality. That is my prayer.

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