Who Will be teaching me?


  • Joshua - teaches yoga that is broadly categorized as a vinyasa style of yoga as it connects movement to the breath, Promayoga™ (Progressive Mastery™) is a codified form of yoga that allows the practitioner to realize their body's unique potential, through a series of asanas with incrementally more challenging variations offered throughout the class.


    In this way, the Promayoga™ vinyasa practice is accessible to all levels of experience, as each practitioner is encouraged to work at their own pace and to explore only those variations which can be safely performed at their current stage of development.


    A contemporary form of yoga, Promayoga™ vinyasa is highly technical, focusing on proper alignment with frequent anatomical references. This class encourages progressive mastery of one's body, allowing the practitioner to develop greater strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, as well as overall body awareness.